May 01, 2020

Today’s tip – Cleaning the Pantry

There are so many different ideas on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. But they are not you or for you. Yet due to sheer boredom, we find ourselves scrolling through endless pictures and posts looking for inspiration of what to do with ourselves.
Of so let’s write our own list, you can add your ideas 💡 if you like. Here are a few of mine.

Organise your pantry

First things first, throw out all of those out of date items.

Next put items into categories. Spices together. Sauces together, flour, rice, pasta, can goods etc.

If you don’t want to visit the shops, Look around your house for storage ideas. Empty tissue boxes, plastic containers, boxes from your new Appliances , just keep reading!

When you put items in boxes neatly, it makes more space, plus it is easier to find what you are looking for when items are grouped.

If you want to get really creative you could paint the boxes or cover them with contact paper. It’s amazing how much better it looks when everything is uniformed, but hey that’s just I like my pantry to look, you might like the casual look.

Woven baskets can also be great pantry organizers when you use them for the right items. I don’t think they work
for everything. They’re nice to look at, but the large sizes can become so full of stuff that you can’t see what’s at the bottom.

However, they do work well to store items like bags of food, snacks, prepackaged breakfast items, large quantities of the same item.

Baskets are perfect to keep fruit and vegetables.

If you are like me you keep appliances on the pantry so it’s time for a big spring clean. Scrub scrub scrub. If it’s old and broken throw it out. So many common appliances are so cheap, like sandwich press $15 at places like Kmart, so if Aunty June gave it to you ten years, and it’s seen it’s best days. Throw it away!

Next is the cereal boxes, stale, old and out of date. We waste so much food because we do not store it properly. Cereal should be placed in an airtight container.

Before you put everything in it’s new place, make sure you wash down the shelves and the door and don’t forgot the handles.

Clean all the sauce bottles and jars before putting them back.

You can buy an assortment of spray cleaners on the market, but lemon, white vinegar, and dishwashing liquid, warm water, it’s natural and it makes an excellent cleaner. If you have a spray bottle on hand, it works best in that otherwise just mix in a bowl.

If you want to be fancy, you can put labels on your containers.

You can buy containers already labeled

When placing items on the shelves don’t over stack it, remember the reason you have too many items to throw out, is because you can’t see what on your pantry.
Remember to have fun sorting it out.

You could be really different and place supplies according to the flavour, Asian, Italian. Indian, Mexican.

It’s your pantry.

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