Mar 24, 2020

Who hid the Toilet Paper – Are you emotional or irrational?

I’ve got to say when looking at Jimmy Choo shoes and saying in your head how good they would look with that little black dress, and then queuing up at the counter in the hope that your credit card doesn’t decline at $1500 a foot, you are definitely emotional. When justifying it as an investment because the shoes will increase in value when they are vintage, is completely and utterly irrational.

It’s like tp. Remember the previous blog: tp = toilet paper. Anyway, back to tp.
How can it go up in price when it’s in such high demand, Well that’s it! Everyone wants it and as we are all experiencing, it’s really hard to get.

It’s now the Louis Vuitton of home essentials. No longer is the Apple iPhone 11 or the latest smart watch the the new fad, it’s just plain old tp. Plain, boring, dull and not a topic of conversation, tp. Whereas now everywhere you go everyone is talking about it. When did the world turn upside down, and the main topic of conversation and the most sought after product become tp?

It’s so popular, yet no-one is thinking about how much money they are flushing down the toilet, literally!

Tp is not fancy, yet we pay $10 for 4 rolls of a harsh generic paper.

I remember a month ago when I was paying $8 for 24 rolls of a soft and gentle brand.

That’s a $2.30 per roll markup in less than 30 days.

They will say, it’s because it’s in high demand, so to keep with the consumer demands they are working around the clock, so production costs have skyrocketed. By 700%?
That’s just crazy.

You could be the Coco Chanel of toilet paper and do what she did, altering an existing product to give it style.

Draw pictures on your tp, add essential oils to your tp, but it will still be a harsh quality paper, just now it has pretty pictures on it, that smell good.

It’s not like an Ikea hack where you take a couple of “Billy” bookcases and paint and style them with new handles and hardware to look like built-in custom bookshelves.
Oh yeah I did that 🙂 I hope you get my point.

Tp can never be anything other than tp, no matter how much you drown it in Chanel No.5 perfume.

So stop the madness folks, think about your neighbours, the elderly, your family and your friends.

We are not like the elephant; we don’t stop and drop and leave the stinky mess behind. We are civilised: we go into the crown room, we sit on our throne and flush away the day’s events. And we shouldn’t need 216 rolls stashed in our cupboard for this royal experience.

Don’t forget to wash your hands with soap – that’s if you can find some at the shops, but hey, that’s a whole different blog, right?

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