Apr 08, 2020

This trick is definitely worth a try!


Did you know that vinegar is a true miracle product? You can use it for all kinds of different purposes. For example, adding vinegar to your laundry has all kinds of benefits. Nasty smells like sweat, urine or the musty smell of mould won’t stand a chance if you add vinegar to your washing machine. Animal hairs will not stick to your clothes as easily if you use vinegar, which is ideal if you’ve got a furry friend as a pet like a dog or a cat. Vinegar is also a great substitute for fabric softener; it’s completely natural while fabric softener contains a lot of nasty chemicals.

Uses of Vinegar


You can keep insects away from your home with the help of a little bit of vinegar. Mix together half water and half vinegar in a spray bottle and shake it so the liquids are mixed properly. Use this mixture to spray the frames of your windows with both inside and out. Mosquitos really don’t like the smell of vinegar and will stay at a distance.


This mixture won’t just keep mosquitos at bay – it will also repel spiders. Vinegar contains a type of acid that spiders can’t stand. That’s why it’s smart to spray some of the mixture in spots you often see spiders, like closets and corners. Although vinegar has a pretty strong smell, you don’t have to worry about your bedroom or living room smelling like it. As soon as the vinegar has dried, you will no longer smell it.

Dog & Cats Mess

This mixture also neutralises that nasty urine smell from carpets and rugs. Spray the mixture then let it dry a little then use an old towel, blotting it to remove the moisture. DO NOT RUB! No other shampoos or cleaners required. This really works. You may have to do this steps a few times to remove the urine smell. Don’t worry about the next smell being vinegar. Once completely dry, sprinkle bi-card soda on the carpet, let sit for a few hours then vacuum up. Smell gone.

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