Mar 17, 2020

Painting your Walls White

Why would you paint your walls white? They get dirty easier than any other color? Isn’t that sterile? No, No and definitely no!

White paint is pure, white paint is finally trendy and creates the perfect canvas that makes everything else in the room look wow.

In scandinavian countries it is pretty standard to start with a blank white canvas.

White walls have been around for ages, but with all the reality shows, particularly in USA, white walls became trendy and suit all styles from traditional to mediterranean.

Not all white paint is the same and they are so different versions of white.


Your room will feel bigger
It makes the room feel larger
The ceiling look higher
Your room will feel more ethereal. It creates a living environment that is lighter and brighter.
Your room will feel brighter, all the window light and it reflects off the light, the windows and off itself.
You will sleep better. There is a lot of research that says white walls promote a good night’s sleep and helps you to feel calmer.
Your house will sell faster & for top dollar. Bigger, expensive when used correctively, fresh and imperial.

Your home will feel cold & clinical. It can and that is why you need to add layers and texture.
Your rooms will feel expansive and not cozy. So one thing you can do is painting your ceiling a darker colour
White walls get dirty faster? Not really, it’s because we can’t help ourselves and we all look closer, when the walls are white.
Traditional decorators have given white walls a bad rap. That’s their personal choice and it doesn’t have to be yours.


Really look at the space, which direction your room faces, when choosing your white paint. Which direction is the light coming from.
Notice where and when light comes into the room.
Notice your proximity to the equator, in the world.
Is there natural light you may have to balance
What is outside your home, trees, near water, your neighbours house colours.
Notice what reflects into your space
Consider what will be going into the room, it will change the tone of the white paint. They don’t all look the same. What you place in the room, from leather, to woods, to textures, will have an impact on the colour white that you choose.
Mind the undertones. Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow are common options. The undertones change the look on the wall.
Avoid trying to matchy matchy with the colours in the room. Paint on the colour chart looks different in the room.
Get a sample board and or try a sample in several areas in the room. 2 coats for samples to get the true colour palette.
Paint trim, moulding, baseboards etc., white. To clean seamless look. Floor to ceiling makes the room feel bigger without moving the walls.
Windows and doors need to be painted in either a half
Layer on the texture, linens, baskets, blankets, pots, vases, metallics, wool, glass, help make it feel cosy
Add the color. Art work, throw pillows, throw rugs, floor rugs. The bigger the better. And keep adding a colour that you like, there is no wrong or right. It’s all about you!
Bring on the patterns, this again is personal. Add it on if this is you. This could be the floors, an entry hall, a funky mirror.

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