Oct 10, 2021


How you ever fallen head over head in love with a house? Not a big glamorous house, more like one that you see and instantly want to go inside.

You know the one. You drive past it every day and think; I wonder what it looks like inside, I wonder who lives there, I wonder if the owners love it as much as I do.

Crazy as this might sound, it happens to me every day. Well, not every day, but every time I go past this particular house.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a mansion. It’s actually one of the only few single-storey homes on the street, but it sings so loudly every time I see it. I feel like it’s singing to only me. In fact, I feel like it sings to me every time I see it and stops me in my tracks.

I wish I could go inside. I image myself living there, and that the rooms are all painted in my favourite colours and decorated with my favourite pieces of furniture. You know the ones, that I have up-cycled or recycled or repurposed from roadside collection.

The garden is just lovely, and I know I would be right at home pottering around in it. The beautiful Frangipanis are one the reasons I love this house, but not the only one.

It looks like home to me; a place to visit with friends, a place for the royal cat to sleep, a place to hang my favourite paintings, a place where the open fire burns brightly in the winter, a place to rest my head at night and that kitchen, a place to cook the best Christmas ham on the planet!

Have you ever fallen in love with your house? Well, I think you should!

Have you ever fallen in love with your house? Well, I think you should!

I always say to people, if you see a house and want to live there, then let it know, stop by, and say hello regularly. If it’s meant to be your house, it will be. It really works!

It’s not just bricks and mortar to me, it’s not just somewhere to park your car. It’s kind of like the great wall of couch; it will hold all your memories and keep them safe. It has memories on your walls where you hang your family photos, or in that special box in the cupboard, where you hold all the keepsakes the kids made at school.

Most importantly, it should be love.

It doesn’t matter if it’s rented, mortgaged, or bequeathed to you in a will. It should be home, your soft place to land.

A wise person once said to me, home is where my family is, not the roof over my head.

Well, I agree to a point. That roof protects your family from the outside world, it protects your family from the elements, and it makes sure that everyone underneath knows, that no matter what, no matter when, you need somewhere to go, this is it, this is home.

I think people take their homes for granted. Some don’t clean them, some clean too much, and some just don’t see the need to.

It’s kind of like a car: if you want it to last you kind of must keep up with the servicing. A house is pretty much the same deal. A quick lick of paint can change the colour as well as your mood, and the way you feel in a room.

Cleaning out cupboards and removing the expired items keeps you in check – maybe you don’t need that many tins of tomatoes! We overspend and fill our cupboards with stuff. And the more we pack in, the more we push everything else to the back, until in the end you don’t remember what is hidden away in there.

Have you noticed how houses are like relationships, you maintain them, repair them, keep looking after them and when you are in them, you will feel like it’s home. No place you have ever felt before.

Too mushy? Sorry folks, then try this on for size. My house I call “my forever home” for lots of reasons. It’s been forever since I walked past, forever since I’ve driven past and when the time is right (and one day it will be), it will become the home I live in forever.

I want to share a secret that I haven’t told many. Recently I met the lovely owner of the home and we got chatting and the best part was she took me on a tour inside the house. It was everything I dreamed it was and more. As I was leaving, she handed me cuttings from her frangipani trees and said “here, take these with you, and plant them in the garden where you live and when you are ready to move in, let’s talk. In the meantime, I will take care of our forever home for you.”

It melted my heart and made my day.

Life is a journey – it’s not where you end up but how you got there! Thanks for coming on mine.

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